Au Pays d'Alice...

"I propose to follow the history of music in chronological order.

I asked Oxmo Puccino, an artist with a modern and up-to-date vision of literature, to choose the most striking elements of each chapter, in order to enhance them and bring them to life in a song.
This adaptation is accompanied by an orchestra of students from the Conservatoire à Rayonnement Régional de Paris Pôle Supérieur Boulogne, the master's degree of Radio France and some of the faithful musicians of my group (Guitar, Drums, Bass, Keyboards).
Lewis Caroll's story is an ode to the irrational and the absurd. So I wanted to go towards a universe that makes sense but also functions according to a 'non-logic' of things.
Oxmo Puccino is the ideal candidate for this kind of exercise. His albums, which are constructed as exciting stories, suggest the result of his take on this world-famous work.
I think that song, in this case accompanied by rap, is a mode that allows us to be in symbiosis with this approach. Faced with this voice, the trumpet that I play, which allows me to move from jazz to classical and Arabic music, is a writing vector that leads me to use it more and more often today as a catalyst of styles and environments.
With the orchestra and the choirs, the dimension of this project gives the opportunity to a modern and mixed musician like me coming from Arab and Western cultures, as well as a modern author, rap singer and of African and French origin, to build the framework of a real modern and multicultural opera. "
Ibrahim Maalouf

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